Water shortage and pollution have become the most widespread problems in the world, including Palestine and the Gaza Strip in particular. Nowadays, the world population suffers from a shortage of drinking water and water pollution due to increasing population density and thus deterioration of the natural resources. As a result, governments face a major challenge in providing safe and sustainable drinking water. As we are part of this world and suffer from the same problems, there is a great need for Palestinian universities and institutions for specialists and qualified researchers in the fields of water desalination and wastewater treatment.


Accordingly, the joint desire and willing between the Islamic University and Al Azhar University in Gaza, with the support of the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) and the Middle East Center for Desalination Research (MEDRC), is a necessity and priority for opening a doctoral program in water technology that would serve as a nucleus for experts and researchers to serve the Palestinian society in this field.


The program is expected to assist water professionals working in INGOs, local authorities, and any other interested researchers to improve their skills and knowledge as well as their research capacities towards developing reliable and vital solutions to water faced problems and concerns. We think that the establishment of this joint PhD program, which aims to provide the local community with qualified professionals to help in sorting out the very difficult situation of all water issues and set up sustainable long term solutions. This program fulfill and comply with our Palestinian national strategy.


Mission and Goals 

Institutional mission

AUG and IUG universities aim to satisfy the needs of the Palestinian community with qualified personnel in diverse disciplines of knowledge, applied scientific research, Water Technology and sustainable development. Both Universities focus on employing the most sophisticated information technology and communication means in maintaining the authenticity of Arab-Islamic heritage as well as adhering to human rights principles. The universities strives to create knowledge, uniqueness, excellence, innovation and creativity through the academics and students; to be one of the pioneering universities nationally, regionally and internationally; to be a beacon of scientific research and development in the Palestinian society; and to be fully committed to comprehensive quality and continuous improvement.


Program mission

The mission of the program is in harmony with the two universities mission statements and goals based in development an educational system capable to produce competitive and distinguished scientists and researchers in different Water Technology fields dedicated to develop the Palestinian community as well as contributing to global knowledge and research development.


Program goals

§  Provide significant and sustainable solutions for water scarcity in Gaza. 

§  Develop methods for wastewater treatment and water reuse to reduce aquifer contamination and over abstraction.

§  Apply and use renewable energies in water desalination to reduce desalination costs and mitigate brine discharge negative impacts resulted from conventional technologies.

§  Improve water research environment by attracting professional water researchers.

§  Assist decision makers in water problems solutions.

§  Establishing active links between the universities (locally and internationally), and industrial and private sectors based in solving their problems based on active scientific research.