Admission requirements

The student is accepted in the doctoral program if he/she meets the following conditions:

§  He/she must have a master's degree in water issues (Water and Environmental Sciences, Civil Engineering, Environmental and Earth Sciences  or equivalent) from a university that stipulates 80% attendance of total class hours as a requisite for graduation, the university has to be also approved by AUG and IUG..

§  Student should have graduated with a GPA "Very Good" from a university using a GPA grading scheme.

§  Student should pass the written entrance exam and personal interview.

§  The availability of some faculty members in Civil engineering department/ Institute of water and environment to provide guidance to the applicant throughout the course period.

§  Adherence to the principles, philosophy, laws and regulations of the AUG and IUG.

§  The placement of the Graduate Studies Council following the submission of a recommendation by the Department and College Council.

§  Proof of the English proficiency with TOEFL 550 (ILETS 6.5).

PhD requirements

§  The successful completion of at least (30) thirty credit hours in the doctoral degree, according to the attached study plan along with the successful completion of a thesis that's equivalent to 18 credit hours. By the end of the program, the total hours of graduation (48) forty eight credit hours should be successfully passed.

§  The successful completion of all credit hours with grade point average of at least 80%.

§  A student must pass the comprehensive exam, which is organized during the semester following the completion of the compulsory and elective courses, before granting the research plan approval.

§  Preparing a thesis on some topic related to the major field of the student. The thesis should represent a significant contribution to knowledge, be presented in a scholarly manner, reveal an ability of the student to do independent research of high quality, and indicate considerable experience in using a variety of research techniques.

§  The publication of at least one research paper from the doctoral dissertation in a peer-reviewed scientific journal (SCOUPS/ISI), and contributing in one relevant conference before the defense seminar.

§  The successful defense of the PhD thesis

Academic load and the duration of the study

§  The minimum duration required to complete the doctoral credit hours is six semesters starting from the student's enrolment in the selected doctoral program with the exception of the summer semester.

§  The normal duration time spent by the student in the doctoral program is up to ten semesters starting from his/her enrolment in the program, if necessary, the student may be granted up to two more semesters, in addition to the summer semester, upon the approval of the University Council following the receipt of the recommendations of the Graduate Studies Council and the Department and College Council.

§  The maximum academic load for each student is twelve (12) credit hours per semester and a minimum of six credit hours per semester unless the Department and College Council intimates its disapproval to the Graduate Studies Council which has the authority to decide at its own discretion.

§  The maximum academic load for each student during the summer semester is (6) credit hours.